Sunday, February 17, 2008

A strange place, Alabama

I've been out and about the past few weeks. Exploring this new place I've found myself in. I have to say I am wary. I'm reminded of a passage from Chris Rose's book "One dead in the attic" where he says something to the effect that we are a distrustful of those who don't laugh or have a sense of humor. It's been a while since I read it, but anyway, it's a thought that came to me as I have interacted with my new neighbors. While they are friendly enough, my husband and I are a lively couple who love to live and laugh. I admit I have the irreverent humor that most New Orleanians have. However here it seems to be suspect. To most people we come in contact with they find me and the hubby a riot. We banter back and forth and always crack up the clerks in grocery stores. Here, however, we are given disapproving looks or outright contempt. I am shocked. There seems to be some strict rules of decorum here and my husband and I clearly don't amuse. The end result of this is that I am distrustful of the population here. There is a disconnect that I fear I will never bridge. I just can't trust one who cannot laugh. I know I will be making more trips home and my husband and I will continue to bang heads over moving back to New Orleans.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


My husband was home this weekend and wanted to teach me how to ride his motorcycle since our other cars are temporarily out of service. It was like learning to ride a bicycle all over again. As I let out the clutch my husband is yelling to bring my feet up. I'm scrapping the ground until I'm sure I'm stable on this 500 pound monster. I did OK, but had problems with the two brakes. The front brake is at your hand and the back one at your foot. You must compress these at the same rate or else your bike will buck like a bull. Your bike will also buck like a bull if your do not press in the clutch before you brake. I'm not sure which sin I committed but either way, the bike bucked and I flew. My poor elderly neighbor looked like he would have a heart attack right there. luckily I was coming to a stop and was going no faster than 15 mph. If I had been wearing the gloves I was suppost to I would not have the minor road rash on my hand. But otherwise I am unscathed. I cannot say the same for the bike. I broke the rubber cover of the shifter. My camera is out of batteries so pics will come later. My husband was well behaved. While he was concerned for the bike. He also showed concern for me as well. Thats all one can ask for:)

Friday, February 1, 2008


I recieved a response that had the word fugly in it. Then I went to Oyster's site and he too mentions Fugly things. I like this word. I think it's appropriate for two articles I have recently read. The Army Corp of Engineers is immune from litigation from the citizens of New Orleans. All those people that stood in line for hours, all for naught. While the federal judge stated the Corp was negligent, legislation leaves them immune from responsibility. Free from correcting there mistakes and leaving them free to make more. I was also watching a show on a soldier who was found to have melanoma the army doctor made the diagnosis and never told him. The doctor never even suggested further treatment. Doctors continued to tell him he had a wart then retired him from service. His melanoma killed him and his family cannot sue for malpractice. Soldiers and their families cannot sue the military. They too are bound to legislation that leaves them open to abuse.

My husband just got out of the army. He too almost died from a condition that was not diagnosed until he got home from Iraq. He had a malrotated intestine. In Iraq they claimed he was making up the complaint to get out of work. He got home and was in surgery the next day. He was lucky others are not so lucky. I know we live in a litigious society but this legislation has to be repealed. When people make catastophic mistakes someone must be held responsible.

This is all just Fugly.

German Chocolate???

I ordered a king cake from Haydel's. Deciding to be adventurous I thought, let's go with german chocolate. Hmmm.... two flavors that DO NOT go together. I admit I have german ancestry, maternal Grandfather is a Frosch and maternal grandmaw is a Frischhertz, despite this I did not know what german chocolate was. The flavor is just too much with icing and sugar on top of it. I should have just stuck with the plain.

This experience brings to mind my first experience of the outside (ie, outside of New Orleans) My husband is from Florida and his family cooks American dishes. By this I mean things like pot roast and casseroles. Of course I had never had such things before and I will never again have. Talk about bad flavors. I understand these dishes emerged during and after World War II. I believe the focus was on feeding the masses, not cooking a good meal. I knew at that point I had to take my hamburger helper loving husband (why do people buy this crap) and show him real food. He said that he loves when I cook and the entire house fills with the smell of onions, bell peppers and celery. He had never experienced that before. He's also now addicted to Tony's. He has a small can he takes with him when he travels. Unfortunately I have not been able to free my home from hamburger helper, but at least I don't have to eat it.

One last bashing of "american" food, what is up with green bean casserole. I remember as a kid seeing commercials for the fried onion rings and wondering what is that for. It wasn't until we entered the military and had Christmas with friends. There I came face to face with Green Bean casserole. What is this strange ,foul smelling concoction? In the spirit of good will I had some. YUCK!!! People still have this stuff every christmas?? I thought, they need a dose of New Orleans Christmas or at least New Orleans food. So I throw a party for eight neighbors, red beans and rice is the entree. Before I know it I have thirty people! My neighbors had called their friends to come over and have some. SInce I cook BIG it wasn't a problem.

I don't write this to suggest New Orleans cuisine is superior, rather I think some dishes must go. DOWN WITH THE GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE. It's not cooking if your dumping a can of soup in it.