Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Orleans friends

I met a great bunch of people in New Orleans. Now I am getting into town once or twice a week. in fact we are doing the zombie hunt in the quarter on halloween. Its like a scavenger hunt with actors. Sounds like so much fun and I cant wait. We'll be in teams of 3 or more. If anyone is interested in joining let me know. Its 35 dollars per person but worth it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Over it

I am so sick of everything. My employer thinks its employees have no life. Third shift change in three weeks. Two days off after 7 day straights. Lost one day to needing to adjust sleep schedual. I am so over it already. I think I'm over the husband. I'm over everything bad in my life. I so need to get back to New Orleans.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Finally things have settled down. Everyone from Florida Keys to Houston have returned home and the house is silent again. The in laws looked out and Ike missed the keys and brother only lost his fence in houston.
Just as people are heading home I am switched from the 6 am to 2 pm shift to the 10 pm to 6am shift. And the shift happens all within 24 hours I am so tired. I was going to make a trip to NOLA on my days off but I think I will catch up on sleep instead.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Orleans avoids Ike

Ok, my in laws and friends are in keys and they got lucky and only got tropical storm strength winds. It also looks like Ike will not threaten New Olreans so I wont have any one visiting soon. I love having family and friends over but I am relieved all are well.

The couples shower went well. Many people came. Although I had to run home to Alabama the morning after to get ready for work and get the dogs on a schedual.

I start work tomorrow as 911 dispatcher here in Alabama. I am excited to have something to pass time while my husband is in Iraq.

Friday, September 5, 2008


got into new orleans Wednesday. Absolutely no traffic along the way which surprised me. My party for my cousins wedding is still on saturday. So much to do. I snuck this in by jumping onto a neighbors unsecured wireless since my aunt only has dial up. (can't believe people are still on dial up) Tomorrow I'm going around Quarter to purchase things to send the husband in Iraq. Amongst his request are Zapps, Tony's, and Creole mustard. Then I'll be having dinner with dad. We figure we'll drive around and see whats open.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

no getting thru

Ok no surprise here, there is no getting thru to cell phones. tried to call dad who went thru the storm on the cape kennedy in the port of N.O. Haven't heard anything about the ship so I'm sure he's fine. Also can't get thru to the rest of the family or friends. I may come in when they open the area. I was suppost to host my cousins bridal shower Saturday but that will be postponed.

Been keeping tabs watching wwl streaming online. Thrilled the levees held and its only a matter of power outages and trees down.

Monday, September 1, 2008

industrial canal

according to wwl the industrial canal flood walls are being overtopped by wave crest right now. 2 barges have broken their moorings but the port of new orleans says they are stabalized and are not at risk for hitting flood walls at this time.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

worried about the leadership

I've been watching wwl and wdsu streaming online. I am finding alot of our leaders giving misinformation. Particularly earlier FEMA leader or spokesmen claiming that Gustav was now a cat 5 storm at around 1 pm. Then it was half an hour of FEMA, HUD, and other fed organizations patting each other on the back. I say save it for later and stop burning a half an hour of peoples time when they need important information. C Ray also needs to get the hell away from the mike. He was ok at the earlier press conference but completely lost it at the 7 pm one. I was sitting there thinking he's getting as bad as he was post katrina. And Jackie earlier congratulating herself and the rest of city council for working together. ITS YOUR F ING JOB.

At least in all this I'm glad to see people erring on the side of caution and leaving. No one trust those levees, which is a good thing

what a mess

I've been away for months. I've had a personal crisis in my own life. Things seem to be settling down though. I'm not sure I can bring myself to write about it just yet. Taking it day by day.

Gustav is on its way, hoping it tracks to west. Although I don't wish it on anyone, New Orleans can't take another hit. I am hosting my cousins couple shower in NOLA next Saturday. Haven't canceled yet. Waiting to see what if any damage there may be. Either way I plan to come in to nola after the storm. The question is will I be planning a party or gutting my families homes. I hope its the party.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mr. Radtke ,kiss this

I've been reading about a local artist (Dingle) who has been painting street signs where none exists. From what I understand Mr. Radtke has taken to covering these signs with ugly gray paint. Moreover, he has also been covering stop signs and other signage necessary for safety. In fact these actions have been reported to have caused accidents. Worst still he has been painting PRIVATE property with gray paint if he finds graffiti. I admit my knowledge of the details are limited but exactly where does this guy get off and WHY is NOPD protecting him when he himself is a graffiti artist.

My opinion is Dingle should repaint the stop signs and street signs with their intended wordage. Furthermore private property owners should sue Radtke and have him pay to restore the walls to their original condition.

THE NERVE.....just pisses me off.

You can see the pics of this heinous gray paint jobs on

Friday, May 16, 2008

foot in mouth

Nagin has yet to learn when to shut his mouth.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Water Gardening

I needed a hobby. My husband asked me to forgo getting a job until he left for Iraq. Otherwise we would be on opposite schedules. ( He wrecked our second mode of transportation) So I decided to take up water gardening. For a beginner things are going remarkably well. My fish HAVE NOT died and my plants are doing well, even my Louisiana Iris is blooming. One thing I did not expect was the work involved with keeping snails. They are critical to control algae but they procreate like crazy. I have trapdoor snails. These snails give birth to live young and are asexual. (they don't require sex to procreate, ohhh lucky me) At one point I had fifty young in two container gardens. However, the crows have caught on and are eating the babies out front. Now, daily, I check out if I have any babies and move them to the garden I have on the back deck .(pictured here) I figure when they get bigger I'll sell them to the local pet shop. It will finance this little hobby.

The other day I discovered mosquito larvae in the front garden. I didn't have mosquito fish so I had to drain it and start over. (that's how I found out exactly how many snails I had) I purchased a safe larvacide that I'm waiting for. Contrary to what the pond experts tell you, a fountain doesn't break the tension on the water and mosquito's can breed even if the water is moving. The other night I was doing the zen thing next to my pond and I saw a mosquito land. I did a very unzen thing and pushed it into the water where my goldfish ate it. GO GOLDFISH! Now maybe they'll consider eating the larvae but doubt it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Metairie Most Wanted

I am a huge scavenger hunt fanatic. I did a few in college and my friends and I have done a few "road trip" scavenger hunts. I recently came across an article that mentioned a group called Metairie's Most Wanted has a scavenger hunt every July called the "The 20xx Triple XXXtreme Scavenger Hunt." If anyone knows about this group or knows how to sign up to participate in this hunt let me know.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Shit

I posted earlier about my husbands motorcycle accident. I just got the benefit determination from our insurance company, blue cross. The ambulance company charged $16,000 dollars for an ambulance and helicopter transport. Our insuraqnce company paid their "max benefit" of about 6,000 dollars. Leaving us with a $10,000 bill. My response is , what the hell???? My gallbladder surgery was 16,000 dollars. How are suppost to pay this? Is it legal to charge so much or an insurance company to pay out so little? I guess I'm going to have to pay an attorney to negotiate with the ambulance company because I refuse to pay $10,000. I thought it was the insurance companies responsibility to negotiate the charges. I really am at a loss here.

Nagin midterm review

The Times Picayune has a great article reviewing Nagins midterm progress. I think most are just eager for his term to end, 2 long years away. I personally think in the next two years the citizens of New Orleans will just have to depend on themselves if they want to see progress. Don't expect to see any change in Nagin.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adventures in waxing

I've recently moved to Alabama as you probably know. In February I had my eyebrows waxed at a local place. What I got was super thin freak brows. When I looked in the mirror I immediately had visions of my grandmothers drawn on eyebrows.

So I let them grow back in and decided to do it myself. I went out an got nads and was successful. I waxed the easy parts and tweezed the rest. That's when things went bad. I felt so pleased with my work I started eyeing my arms. I have really dark hair and really pale skin. I thought to myself, this stuff is easy to use and waxing my eyebrows didn't hurt. (I conveniently forgot I have been waxing them for years so of course it no longer hurts)

So I did a patch and hurray, slight sting but not bad. Second patch, little more pain. But by then there was no turning back unless I wanted a patchwork arm. With each yank it became more painful. I frequently would let out a "mother f*#&$%" or a "God Dammit". Now I have a hair free arm but its cherry red and tender to the touch. I haven't even got to the next arm.

So I am taking a poll, should I........ 1)suck it up and wax the next 2)say screw it and shave the other or 3) walk around with one smooth arm and one Sasquatch arm? You decide and I will abide by it for at least a week (because I know your sadistic enough to vote 3)

I'll add a pic of both arms later, my camera is out of batteries.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Funeral March broken up by police

Gentilly Girl blogged about this incident. She said the article didn't show up until yesterday. Here is a link to the article . I suggest a "protest" secondline. If New Orleansians can come together to protest violence they can get together to protest the raping of New Orleans culture.

No jazz fest for me.

I was looking to go to jazz fest. Work a food stand half the day and enjoy the fest the rest. I would have gotten free admission. Alas, my brother couldn't go and it's his friend who does catering.

Jazz fest is just too expensive to do on your own dime. Especially if your a student. I remember jazz fest when it was reasonably priced and you could bring along the wagon with an ice chest filled.

These days its inflated ticket prices, and inflated food prices. You can't even bring in water! I mean what the hell! And those inflated prices pay for the big headliners that have nothing to do with the concept of a JAZZ fest.

I miss the days when jazz fest was friendly to locals. Guess its the french quarter fest for me.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Another twist

My husbands trip to Iraq has been delayed to July. So I'll be headed to Jazzfest. My brother and I work at the Cochon de Lait booth for half the day and enjoy Jazzfest for the rest. Plus we get paid just enough to cover the gas expenditure to get there. WHAT A DEAL!.....see you there!

THERE IS AN OYSTER PO BOY IN MY FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!g

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another deployment

My husband left the army in January. However, he took a military contractor job. Today we got the news he'll be deployed for a year starting in mid march. I've been trying really hard to keep myself composed but I'm not happy. I hate these separations but he loves the six figures he'll make for the year. Now we have to worry about how the VA handles prescriptions in Iraq. (He left the military with asthma and a number of other problems.) I also have to review the disability insurance and life insurance policies. When you are a contractor you don't have the same benefits as soldiers and I'm not sure the disability covers war zone injuries. I know the life insurance doesn't have a war clause. It may seem morbid to consider these things but I work part time and I'm in grad school. Its my second time having to review these things and it's a normal thing for soldier's families. Its a risk contractors take in hopes of a nice paycheck. I'm not sure its worth it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Citizen Leadership Needed

I was surfin the blog and came across DIllyberto's entry today. He has a link to Chris Rose's article on Dr. Morris. I thought Dillyberto made an interesting comment about New Orleans's citizens needing to be leaders. Now what I'm about to say may ruffle some feathers but this is my blog dammit. New Orleanians are a laid back bunch (not so much since Katrina) but in the past we would sit back and watch our politicians with amusment. We knew they were corrupt and it was a form of entertainment. Since Katrina its not so funny anymore and you see a change. However, its not enough. For example the marches against violence. I said they would march, get some press, but nothing would come of it. Sure enough.... NADA. New Orleanians have to take the next step. Follow up, follow thru. Don't trust your politicians to act. History has already shown they'll stick their heads up their asses and claim ingnorance.

New Orleanians have to become the leaders. Take charge, lobby, and follow thru.

I know I of all people have no right to have an opinion on this, I'm in Alabama! But I fear history will repeat itself. I also must say I feel for every New Orleanian. They have endured more than any person should be forced to endure. It doesn't seem fair to ask more of them. To ask that they give everything of themselves to bring back the city. Unfortunately, not to be a pecimist, I think that may be what it takes to see change in a city with a history of inaction.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Helmets save lives

Sunday afternoon my husband was in a motorcycle accident. Some blame can be attributed to the fact he's only been riding since October. He and a friend decided to take a ride Sunday since the weather was spectacular. They headed to the Florida state line. His friend lost his wallet on the ride and my husband saw it fall. They went back to retrieve it. On their way back my husband lost traction on a curve he had just taken. His rear tire hit some loose gravel and he decided to drop the bike rather than ram into a tree. He hit head first and rolled 150 yards. Florida Highway Patrol airlifted him to Pensacola. After a thorough look over he had no injuries except road rash along his waist line where his jacket met his jeans. If he didn't have his helmet he would be dead according to the E.R. I'm proud to say that my husband always wears his helmet and a big florescent orange Harley Davidson vest. Because of his safety equipment he walked away barely scathed. Now our only issue is the Harley itself. It's at a wrecker in Florida and I haven't been able to see it yet. More to follow on the bike. By the way he bought it in his insurance rates will skyrocket.
If you read the previous blog I had planned to go to Pensecola to search out a poboy. This little incident is not what I had in mind, and no I did not search out a poboy while in pensecola. I might go to jazz fest. I'll come in town and buy out a french bread isle and freeze it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Po Boy Poser

My husband took me to the "Oyster Bar" in Enterprise today. They had Oyster Po boys on the menu. Knowing not to trust the phrase poboy outside of Louisiana I asked to see the bread. What I was offered was a honey wheat bun. Soft Bread for an oyster po boy! I gagged when I saw it and the waitress noticed. She wasn't very happy with me. I decided to have plain oysters. What I got was soggy fried oysters. Not terrible, they were edible. So my conclusion is to stay away from the seafood in this city. But I am craving a real oyster poboy. SO I have begun a mission to find real french bread and oysters. I'll begin by traveling two hours to Pensacola to see what I can find. If anyone knows of any shops that sell these items let me know.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The new dog in the house

My husband has been dying for a bulldog. I have my hands full with three. But nothing will stop him. He finds a woman looking to give away her two year old bull dog. He drives one hour north and picks up the dog. What he brings home is a sorry sight. The poor baby had babies 13 weeks ago. She's slightly skinny and is chewing herself to death. Infested with fleas her head and body have crusted over sores and her eyes are red and irratated. Bringing home such a pathetic sight is a sure way of getting me to bend for sure. One hundred dollars later she gets a cortisone shot for flea allergies. A 15 dollar, single, flea pill and antibiotics for her sores. Up next, 300 dollars for spaying and vaccines.

There is no such thing as a free dog, but she is cute and soooo sweet. Just gotta keep our unfixed male louisiana catahoula away from her until she gets fixed. I'm told toddler pull ups are great. That way Saint won't violate her!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Remember Ashley Morris

A memorial fund has been set up to assist the family of Dr Morris. Please give what you can, even a few dollars can make a difference.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wandering the Surroundings

I posted a two months ago that my cars to a dump. Well I finally took the dive and bought a new car. I've taken the opportunity to drive around this small town. I wandered across the weirdest thing, a monument to the boweevil. I kid you not. At first I thought, this has to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Its a greek statuette arms above her head holding a big black boweevil. What would prompt a community to immortalize this pest? I decided to ask around, turns out a boweevil infestation wiped out the cotton crops at some point in time. This catastrophic event brought about the planting of peanuts which is now the major crop in this area. It makes sense but what an ugly homage.
The major road thru town is bowevill circle. They really love this pest!

Friday, April 4, 2008

A New Orleans Champion has Passed Away

I wandered over to Dr Morris' blog today and was sad to learn he has passed away. I offer my sincerest condolences to his family. It is a sad day. Dr Morris was a champion for New Orleans post Katrina. He was one who stayed and was determined to see the city come back. He will be missed.

Damn the DOg

I';ve been off the blog. My dog peed on my laptop and fried it. I had to save up for a new one and it took a while.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A strange place, Alabama

I've been out and about the past few weeks. Exploring this new place I've found myself in. I have to say I am wary. I'm reminded of a passage from Chris Rose's book "One dead in the attic" where he says something to the effect that we are a distrustful of those who don't laugh or have a sense of humor. It's been a while since I read it, but anyway, it's a thought that came to me as I have interacted with my new neighbors. While they are friendly enough, my husband and I are a lively couple who love to live and laugh. I admit I have the irreverent humor that most New Orleanians have. However here it seems to be suspect. To most people we come in contact with they find me and the hubby a riot. We banter back and forth and always crack up the clerks in grocery stores. Here, however, we are given disapproving looks or outright contempt. I am shocked. There seems to be some strict rules of decorum here and my husband and I clearly don't amuse. The end result of this is that I am distrustful of the population here. There is a disconnect that I fear I will never bridge. I just can't trust one who cannot laugh. I know I will be making more trips home and my husband and I will continue to bang heads over moving back to New Orleans.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


My husband was home this weekend and wanted to teach me how to ride his motorcycle since our other cars are temporarily out of service. It was like learning to ride a bicycle all over again. As I let out the clutch my husband is yelling to bring my feet up. I'm scrapping the ground until I'm sure I'm stable on this 500 pound monster. I did OK, but had problems with the two brakes. The front brake is at your hand and the back one at your foot. You must compress these at the same rate or else your bike will buck like a bull. Your bike will also buck like a bull if your do not press in the clutch before you brake. I'm not sure which sin I committed but either way, the bike bucked and I flew. My poor elderly neighbor looked like he would have a heart attack right there. luckily I was coming to a stop and was going no faster than 15 mph. If I had been wearing the gloves I was suppost to I would not have the minor road rash on my hand. But otherwise I am unscathed. I cannot say the same for the bike. I broke the rubber cover of the shifter. My camera is out of batteries so pics will come later. My husband was well behaved. While he was concerned for the bike. He also showed concern for me as well. Thats all one can ask for:)

Friday, February 1, 2008


I recieved a response that had the word fugly in it. Then I went to Oyster's site and he too mentions Fugly things. I like this word. I think it's appropriate for two articles I have recently read. The Army Corp of Engineers is immune from litigation from the citizens of New Orleans. All those people that stood in line for hours, all for naught. While the federal judge stated the Corp was negligent, legislation leaves them immune from responsibility. Free from correcting there mistakes and leaving them free to make more. I was also watching a show on a soldier who was found to have melanoma the army doctor made the diagnosis and never told him. The doctor never even suggested further treatment. Doctors continued to tell him he had a wart then retired him from service. His melanoma killed him and his family cannot sue for malpractice. Soldiers and their families cannot sue the military. They too are bound to legislation that leaves them open to abuse.

My husband just got out of the army. He too almost died from a condition that was not diagnosed until he got home from Iraq. He had a malrotated intestine. In Iraq they claimed he was making up the complaint to get out of work. He got home and was in surgery the next day. He was lucky others are not so lucky. I know we live in a litigious society but this legislation has to be repealed. When people make catastophic mistakes someone must be held responsible.

This is all just Fugly.

German Chocolate???

I ordered a king cake from Haydel's. Deciding to be adventurous I thought, let's go with german chocolate. Hmmm.... two flavors that DO NOT go together. I admit I have german ancestry, maternal Grandfather is a Frosch and maternal grandmaw is a Frischhertz, despite this I did not know what german chocolate was. The flavor is just too much with icing and sugar on top of it. I should have just stuck with the plain.

This experience brings to mind my first experience of the outside (ie, outside of New Orleans) My husband is from Florida and his family cooks American dishes. By this I mean things like pot roast and casseroles. Of course I had never had such things before and I will never again have. Talk about bad flavors. I understand these dishes emerged during and after World War II. I believe the focus was on feeding the masses, not cooking a good meal. I knew at that point I had to take my hamburger helper loving husband (why do people buy this crap) and show him real food. He said that he loves when I cook and the entire house fills with the smell of onions, bell peppers and celery. He had never experienced that before. He's also now addicted to Tony's. He has a small can he takes with him when he travels. Unfortunately I have not been able to free my home from hamburger helper, but at least I don't have to eat it.

One last bashing of "american" food, what is up with green bean casserole. I remember as a kid seeing commercials for the fried onion rings and wondering what is that for. It wasn't until we entered the military and had Christmas with friends. There I came face to face with Green Bean casserole. What is this strange ,foul smelling concoction? In the spirit of good will I had some. YUCK!!! People still have this stuff every christmas?? I thought, they need a dose of New Orleans Christmas or at least New Orleans food. So I throw a party for eight neighbors, red beans and rice is the entree. Before I know it I have thirty people! My neighbors had called their friends to come over and have some. SInce I cook BIG it wasn't a problem.

I don't write this to suggest New Orleans cuisine is superior, rather I think some dishes must go. DOWN WITH THE GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE. It's not cooking if your dumping a can of soup in it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Its a war zone

When we left the army my husband had a lot of prospects job wise. He knew I wanted to go home. I've always aimed to end up back in New Orleans eventually. When his time was up with the army I thought this would be my time to make the move. Then my husband said he was considering joining the NOPD. THAT changed my mind. He's been to a war zone, even now he works for a company that will bring him back to a war zone. And my thinking is which is safer, the streets of New Orleans or a base in Iraq. If you've read this blog you already know the choice we made.

In New Orleans the very few who choose to a criminal lifestyle who would shoot a cop just as soon as look at them. In Iraq an insurgent will as well. I perceive both as war zones the only difference is my husband is relatively safe on a base in Iraq. It's a sad comment about the state of New Orleans. I really do want to end up back home by the time we have children. I want them to really understand my culture not just experience it from time to time. I hope some change will come to New Orleans but it will have to start with its people. Corrupt, lazy politicians have to go. Our politicians can no longer be our source of entertainment. Our social institutions have to become developed and functional. The status quo has been maintained for so long I'm not sure people are ready for this.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

French bread

Now that I am closer to home I am convinced I should be able to find french bread in south Alabama. So far no luck, if anyone has any leads I would be eternally grateful.

Monday, January 21, 2008

It feels like Mardi Gras

Since we can't go to Mardi Gras we have brought Mardi Gras here. Yes the decorations are up on the house. A King Cake is on order. And my friends have explicit instruction to catch some mardi gras cups for me (because I'm running low and it's the only thing i like drinking out of) Yes glass cups feel unnatural to me. I grew up only drinking out of mardi gras cups. We've been gone from new orleans so long I am gradually running out. It's getting critical because what would I drink out of when they are all gone. I may dehydrate!!!!!!

So anyone wanting to make a donation.......

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Moving Fallout

Well we are truly screwed. We get here and our mustang has an oil pan that is rusted thru and overheats. Now it requires a new engine. Fast forward three weeks and my Aztec throws a rod (mind you it only has 70 K miles and gets regular oil changes) Now it too needs a new engine.

Now my poor husband has to commute on a Harley in freezing weather.

When it rains it pours. Mardi Gras is out this year. But at least we have that cash to fix one of the cars. More later.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Race in New Orleans

I was watching an interview with C-Ray on WWL online and the issue of race came up. My husband is from Florida and these types of issues aren't as prolific as they are in New Orleans. Since we have been married I have come to look at his perspective of the city's race issues and have become embarrassed by it.

After two year of marriage we had moved back to New Orleans before Katrina hit. He was a deputy in Florida and he worked at the juvenile detention center in bridge city. He would always come home upset because someone had made a comment like "your pretty good for a white guy" or "why don't you go work at the adult center, there are more whites there" He was baffled and upset that his race was such an issue at a place of employment. He had never experienced a work environment in which any racial comment were uttered or tolerated.

But it does go both ways. White segregate themselves from blacks. I have family members, mostly older generations, that are racist without seeming to understand that they are in fact racist. In fact at christmas I had family memebers discussing city issues in racial terms. (My husband is sitting there confused and I'm mortified.) So this battle between the races in New Orleans goes on. It's 2008, how long will we continue with these antiquated ideas that race matters? New Orleans is a great city but we definitely need to catch up with the rest of the country when it comes to race relations and tolerance. It's a disservice to all New Orleanians.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Back...and closer

The pneumonia is gone and it allowed me to quit smoking quite easily. We left Texas and stopped off in New Orleans on our way to Alabama. Spent a few days visiting family and friends before heading out into this strange new world they call Alabama. It's only a four to four and half hour drive. Much more manageable than the nine I was doing. People are friendly. However, witnessing true rural poverty in the small Alabama town that's just a couple of miles from where we now live was eye opening. It was also a little frightening to experience a tornado siren (at 1:30 am) in our first week here.

But I am overjoyed that its a short road trip to New Orleans and I can come home whenever I want. So the trade off is fair.