Wednesday, February 6, 2008


My husband was home this weekend and wanted to teach me how to ride his motorcycle since our other cars are temporarily out of service. It was like learning to ride a bicycle all over again. As I let out the clutch my husband is yelling to bring my feet up. I'm scrapping the ground until I'm sure I'm stable on this 500 pound monster. I did OK, but had problems with the two brakes. The front brake is at your hand and the back one at your foot. You must compress these at the same rate or else your bike will buck like a bull. Your bike will also buck like a bull if your do not press in the clutch before you brake. I'm not sure which sin I committed but either way, the bike bucked and I flew. My poor elderly neighbor looked like he would have a heart attack right there. luckily I was coming to a stop and was going no faster than 15 mph. If I had been wearing the gloves I was suppost to I would not have the minor road rash on my hand. But otherwise I am unscathed. I cannot say the same for the bike. I broke the rubber cover of the shifter. My camera is out of batteries so pics will come later. My husband was well behaved. While he was concerned for the bike. He also showed concern for me as well. Thats all one can ask for:)


saintseester said...

I can only say that if I had to learn to ride a motorcycle all the people around me need to run for their lives.

Leigh C. said...

Damn, honey, you just got over the flu! Don't go breaking your bones as well! Be careful out there.