Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mr. Radtke ,kiss this

I've been reading about a local artist (Dingle) who has been painting street signs where none exists. From what I understand Mr. Radtke has taken to covering these signs with ugly gray paint. Moreover, he has also been covering stop signs and other signage necessary for safety. In fact these actions have been reported to have caused accidents. Worst still he has been painting PRIVATE property with gray paint if he finds graffiti. I admit my knowledge of the details are limited but exactly where does this guy get off and WHY is NOPD protecting him when he himself is a graffiti artist.

My opinion is Dingle should repaint the stop signs and street signs with their intended wordage. Furthermore private property owners should sue Radtke and have him pay to restore the walls to their original condition.

THE NERVE.....just pisses me off.

You can see the pics of this heinous gray paint jobs on

Friday, May 16, 2008

foot in mouth

Nagin has yet to learn when to shut his mouth.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Water Gardening

I needed a hobby. My husband asked me to forgo getting a job until he left for Iraq. Otherwise we would be on opposite schedules. ( He wrecked our second mode of transportation) So I decided to take up water gardening. For a beginner things are going remarkably well. My fish HAVE NOT died and my plants are doing well, even my Louisiana Iris is blooming. One thing I did not expect was the work involved with keeping snails. They are critical to control algae but they procreate like crazy. I have trapdoor snails. These snails give birth to live young and are asexual. (they don't require sex to procreate, ohhh lucky me) At one point I had fifty young in two container gardens. However, the crows have caught on and are eating the babies out front. Now, daily, I check out if I have any babies and move them to the garden I have on the back deck .(pictured here) I figure when they get bigger I'll sell them to the local pet shop. It will finance this little hobby.

The other day I discovered mosquito larvae in the front garden. I didn't have mosquito fish so I had to drain it and start over. (that's how I found out exactly how many snails I had) I purchased a safe larvacide that I'm waiting for. Contrary to what the pond experts tell you, a fountain doesn't break the tension on the water and mosquito's can breed even if the water is moving. The other night I was doing the zen thing next to my pond and I saw a mosquito land. I did a very unzen thing and pushed it into the water where my goldfish ate it. GO GOLDFISH! Now maybe they'll consider eating the larvae but doubt it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Metairie Most Wanted

I am a huge scavenger hunt fanatic. I did a few in college and my friends and I have done a few "road trip" scavenger hunts. I recently came across an article that mentioned a group called Metairie's Most Wanted has a scavenger hunt every July called the "The 20xx Triple XXXtreme Scavenger Hunt." If anyone knows about this group or knows how to sign up to participate in this hunt let me know.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Shit

I posted earlier about my husbands motorcycle accident. I just got the benefit determination from our insurance company, blue cross. The ambulance company charged $16,000 dollars for an ambulance and helicopter transport. Our insuraqnce company paid their "max benefit" of about 6,000 dollars. Leaving us with a $10,000 bill. My response is , what the hell???? My gallbladder surgery was 16,000 dollars. How are suppost to pay this? Is it legal to charge so much or an insurance company to pay out so little? I guess I'm going to have to pay an attorney to negotiate with the ambulance company because I refuse to pay $10,000. I thought it was the insurance companies responsibility to negotiate the charges. I really am at a loss here.

Nagin midterm review

The Times Picayune has a great article reviewing Nagins midterm progress. I think most are just eager for his term to end, 2 long years away. I personally think in the next two years the citizens of New Orleans will just have to depend on themselves if they want to see progress. Don't expect to see any change in Nagin.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adventures in waxing

I've recently moved to Alabama as you probably know. In February I had my eyebrows waxed at a local place. What I got was super thin freak brows. When I looked in the mirror I immediately had visions of my grandmothers drawn on eyebrows.

So I let them grow back in and decided to do it myself. I went out an got nads and was successful. I waxed the easy parts and tweezed the rest. That's when things went bad. I felt so pleased with my work I started eyeing my arms. I have really dark hair and really pale skin. I thought to myself, this stuff is easy to use and waxing my eyebrows didn't hurt. (I conveniently forgot I have been waxing them for years so of course it no longer hurts)

So I did a patch and hurray, slight sting but not bad. Second patch, little more pain. But by then there was no turning back unless I wanted a patchwork arm. With each yank it became more painful. I frequently would let out a "mother f*#&$%" or a "God Dammit". Now I have a hair free arm but its cherry red and tender to the touch. I haven't even got to the next arm.

So I am taking a poll, should I........ 1)suck it up and wax the next 2)say screw it and shave the other or 3) walk around with one smooth arm and one Sasquatch arm? You decide and I will abide by it for at least a week (because I know your sadistic enough to vote 3)

I'll add a pic of both arms later, my camera is out of batteries.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Funeral March broken up by police

Gentilly Girl blogged about this incident. She said the article didn't show up until yesterday. Here is a link to the article . I suggest a "protest" secondline. If New Orleansians can come together to protest violence they can get together to protest the raping of New Orleans culture.

No jazz fest for me.

I was looking to go to jazz fest. Work a food stand half the day and enjoy the fest the rest. I would have gotten free admission. Alas, my brother couldn't go and it's his friend who does catering.

Jazz fest is just too expensive to do on your own dime. Especially if your a student. I remember jazz fest when it was reasonably priced and you could bring along the wagon with an ice chest filled.

These days its inflated ticket prices, and inflated food prices. You can't even bring in water! I mean what the hell! And those inflated prices pay for the big headliners that have nothing to do with the concept of a JAZZ fest.

I miss the days when jazz fest was friendly to locals. Guess its the french quarter fest for me.