Friday, February 1, 2008


I recieved a response that had the word fugly in it. Then I went to Oyster's site and he too mentions Fugly things. I like this word. I think it's appropriate for two articles I have recently read. The Army Corp of Engineers is immune from litigation from the citizens of New Orleans. All those people that stood in line for hours, all for naught. While the federal judge stated the Corp was negligent, legislation leaves them immune from responsibility. Free from correcting there mistakes and leaving them free to make more. I was also watching a show on a soldier who was found to have melanoma the army doctor made the diagnosis and never told him. The doctor never even suggested further treatment. Doctors continued to tell him he had a wart then retired him from service. His melanoma killed him and his family cannot sue for malpractice. Soldiers and their families cannot sue the military. They too are bound to legislation that leaves them open to abuse.

My husband just got out of the army. He too almost died from a condition that was not diagnosed until he got home from Iraq. He had a malrotated intestine. In Iraq they claimed he was making up the complaint to get out of work. He got home and was in surgery the next day. He was lucky others are not so lucky. I know we live in a litigious society but this legislation has to be repealed. When people make catastophic mistakes someone must be held responsible.

This is all just Fugly.


Leigh C. said...

Oh, and you should have SEEN those lines headed for Leake Avenue. It was like that for a week or more as people got their paperwork in for the lawsuit.

As for the word "fugly", a good friend of ours had to take care of a mixed breed dog on occasion when some good friends of hers were out of town, a sweet little dog with the unfortunate name "Fugly". When bad names happen to good dogs...


Crawfish Pie said...

I am pretty sure it's a NOLA word. A combo of effing and ugly. It is undeniably a GREAT word. That's what makes me think it originated in NO.