Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Shit

I posted earlier about my husbands motorcycle accident. I just got the benefit determination from our insurance company, blue cross. The ambulance company charged $16,000 dollars for an ambulance and helicopter transport. Our insuraqnce company paid their "max benefit" of about 6,000 dollars. Leaving us with a $10,000 bill. My response is , what the hell???? My gallbladder surgery was 16,000 dollars. How are suppost to pay this? Is it legal to charge so much or an insurance company to pay out so little? I guess I'm going to have to pay an attorney to negotiate with the ambulance company because I refuse to pay $10,000. I thought it was the insurance companies responsibility to negotiate the charges. I really am at a loss here.

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saintseester said...

Is there not a clause on the explanation of benefits you got when the insurance was filed. We always get those saying the provider has agreed to accept the $6000 as payment...

I hope that is the case for you, too.