Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adventures in waxing

I've recently moved to Alabama as you probably know. In February I had my eyebrows waxed at a local place. What I got was super thin freak brows. When I looked in the mirror I immediately had visions of my grandmothers drawn on eyebrows.

So I let them grow back in and decided to do it myself. I went out an got nads and was successful. I waxed the easy parts and tweezed the rest. That's when things went bad. I felt so pleased with my work I started eyeing my arms. I have really dark hair and really pale skin. I thought to myself, this stuff is easy to use and waxing my eyebrows didn't hurt. (I conveniently forgot I have been waxing them for years so of course it no longer hurts)

So I did a patch and hurray, slight sting but not bad. Second patch, little more pain. But by then there was no turning back unless I wanted a patchwork arm. With each yank it became more painful. I frequently would let out a "mother f*#&$%" or a "God Dammit". Now I have a hair free arm but its cherry red and tender to the touch. I haven't even got to the next arm.

So I am taking a poll, should I........ 1)suck it up and wax the next 2)say screw it and shave the other or 3) walk around with one smooth arm and one Sasquatch arm? You decide and I will abide by it for at least a week (because I know your sadistic enough to vote 3)

I'll add a pic of both arms later, my camera is out of batteries.