Monday, January 21, 2008

It feels like Mardi Gras

Since we can't go to Mardi Gras we have brought Mardi Gras here. Yes the decorations are up on the house. A King Cake is on order. And my friends have explicit instruction to catch some mardi gras cups for me (because I'm running low and it's the only thing i like drinking out of) Yes glass cups feel unnatural to me. I grew up only drinking out of mardi gras cups. We've been gone from new orleans so long I am gradually running out. It's getting critical because what would I drink out of when they are all gone. I may dehydrate!!!!!!

So anyone wanting to make a donation.......

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saintseester said...

My roommate and I in college had what we called mardi gras tupperware. It consisted of those cup throws along with as many of the coaster/lids we cold get. They fit the cups perfectly as lids. I still have a few.

On the french bread, I don't know what to tell you there. I have no ideas where to get it.