Monday, January 28, 2008

Its a war zone

When we left the army my husband had a lot of prospects job wise. He knew I wanted to go home. I've always aimed to end up back in New Orleans eventually. When his time was up with the army I thought this would be my time to make the move. Then my husband said he was considering joining the NOPD. THAT changed my mind. He's been to a war zone, even now he works for a company that will bring him back to a war zone. And my thinking is which is safer, the streets of New Orleans or a base in Iraq. If you've read this blog you already know the choice we made.

In New Orleans the very few who choose to a criminal lifestyle who would shoot a cop just as soon as look at them. In Iraq an insurgent will as well. I perceive both as war zones the only difference is my husband is relatively safe on a base in Iraq. It's a sad comment about the state of New Orleans. I really do want to end up back home by the time we have children. I want them to really understand my culture not just experience it from time to time. I hope some change will come to New Orleans but it will have to start with its people. Corrupt, lazy politicians have to go. Our politicians can no longer be our source of entertainment. Our social institutions have to become developed and functional. The status quo has been maintained for so long I'm not sure people are ready for this.


D-BB said...

Good bad and ugly? You left out fugly.

What happened today on the "war zone" streets of New Orleans was fugly and stomach turning.

Bernell Johnson will have every opportunity to defend himself while NOPD Officer Nicola Cotton had no one but herself to fend for herself today. She lost. No second or third chances.

Watch how may more convicted rapist Johnson will get.

Leigh C. said...

It is just awful. These are folks who are charged to protect the citizens here, and when they are sent out alone to deal with the crime and that is treated as routine, something has gone very, very wrong.

Your husband won't be alone in Iraq. Nicola Cotton, however, was very alone. I now fear for our good friend in the NOPD even more.