Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bush, a nutcase?

Somebody finally had the balls to say it. Kisinich has questioned the mental health of our commander and chief. Some have brushed off the comment. But really why has no one really explored Bush's mental status?

Bush initiated the Iraq war on a lie, he has continued that war in spite of expert's insistence that a surge will not turn the tide in the war. He has behaved aggressively toward Iran (see article for his World War III comment), he has upset the Russians in his bid for missile defence in the Russians sphere of influence (I believe Putin mentioned Bush's decision could bring on a second cold war).

Essentially his foreign policy could be described a warmongering. And what surprises me is that no one seems alarmed. This just baffles me, it matters because it could end up affecting every single man in this country. Our military is tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who will fight a war in Iran, Draft anyone?

As an aside, Congress' decision to declare the Armenian death march, that occurred in Turkey during World War One, a genocide was terrible diplomacy. Especially when we are dependent on bases in Turkey to support the force in Iraq. The least they could have done was to table that issue until after Iraq stabilizes. Now it looks like we'll have a new front in Iraq.


E said...

I wish someone said it that also wasn't fighting the press for seeing UFOs in the same damn week. Everyone will just dismiss this now, unfortunately.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

Yeah, one doesn't take it seriously when its from one nut case to another.