Monday, October 15, 2007

Permit to Secondline??!!!

I had to comment on the recent events in New Orleans. Twenty police units were sent to a second line march in Treme to honor a local musician that had passed away. The units were sent at the behest of neighbors who complained about the noise. Two musicians were arrested and police state that expensive permits are required if a second line is to take place. Speculation in the city has been that the calls came from people new to the city who moved into Treme.

My thoughts on this event are simple. If you don't like it move out.

Spontaneous second lines have taken place in New Orleans for generations. Its a part of our culture. If you move to New Orleans be prepared to acclimate yourself to that culture.

New Orleans culture is already in jeopardy. When our culture is threatened we tend to hold it even tighter to our hearts. We welcome new people and encourage people to share their culture with us but don't try to change whats already in place. We don;t take kindly to it.

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