Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oops I did it again

there is a reason I should move home. So I stop telling off people. Yep I told off a second person today. The topic...New Orleans. The question, Why should we (as in America) pay to rebuild New Orleans? This came after the comment its a waste of money because we are below sea level.

My response, minus the swearing, was this. Wouldn't you feel your place was worthy of rebuilding, How would you respond to loosing your place?
Then I told him my city has more culture than any other city in the country. I won't mention what I said about his city but it had something to do with no soul, ranch hell, and americana at its worst.

Anyway, I get these questions regularly and it just pisses me off. I'm really coming to dislike the rest of the country. I need to get home soon before I get myself in trouble.


Leigh C. said...

Yeah, it's a bit like talking to walls once I hear that question being asked. I've learned that most people ask that question just to hear their voices and sound like they are up on current events and opinions...but I keep plugging away, because if at least ONE person decides to seriously consider the answers to that question, then sounding like a bit of a hysteric about New Orleans' recovery is well worth it.

Kind of like teaching at certain levels...

saintseester said...

I think it is perfectly acceptable to tell someone you think your hometown is worth fixing. We all feel that way about something, and sometimes folks just need that pointed out to them. Not that most of them will listen, though.