Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Citizen Leadership Needed

I was surfin the blog and came across DIllyberto's entry today. He has a link to Chris Rose's article on Dr. Morris. I thought Dillyberto made an interesting comment about New Orleans's citizens needing to be leaders. Now what I'm about to say may ruffle some feathers but this is my blog dammit. New Orleanians are a laid back bunch (not so much since Katrina) but in the past we would sit back and watch our politicians with amusment. We knew they were corrupt and it was a form of entertainment. Since Katrina its not so funny anymore and you see a change. However, its not enough. For example the marches against violence. I said they would march, get some press, but nothing would come of it. Sure enough.... NADA. New Orleanians have to take the next step. Follow up, follow thru. Don't trust your politicians to act. History has already shown they'll stick their heads up their asses and claim ingnorance.

New Orleanians have to become the leaders. Take charge, lobby, and follow thru.

I know I of all people have no right to have an opinion on this, I'm in Alabama! But I fear history will repeat itself. I also must say I feel for every New Orleanian. They have endured more than any person should be forced to endure. It doesn't seem fair to ask more of them. To ask that they give everything of themselves to bring back the city. Unfortunately, not to be a pecimist, I think that may be what it takes to see change in a city with a history of inaction.

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