Saturday, April 12, 2008

Po Boy Poser

My husband took me to the "Oyster Bar" in Enterprise today. They had Oyster Po boys on the menu. Knowing not to trust the phrase poboy outside of Louisiana I asked to see the bread. What I was offered was a honey wheat bun. Soft Bread for an oyster po boy! I gagged when I saw it and the waitress noticed. She wasn't very happy with me. I decided to have plain oysters. What I got was soggy fried oysters. Not terrible, they were edible. So my conclusion is to stay away from the seafood in this city. But I am craving a real oyster poboy. SO I have begun a mission to find real french bread and oysters. I'll begin by traveling two hours to Pensacola to see what I can find. If anyone knows of any shops that sell these items let me know.


saintseester said...

Okay, now that made me laugh. I am the same way! I won't hesitate to tell a place they are doing it wrong.

Bingo Game said...