Thursday, April 10, 2008

The new dog in the house

My husband has been dying for a bulldog. I have my hands full with three. But nothing will stop him. He finds a woman looking to give away her two year old bull dog. He drives one hour north and picks up the dog. What he brings home is a sorry sight. The poor baby had babies 13 weeks ago. She's slightly skinny and is chewing herself to death. Infested with fleas her head and body have crusted over sores and her eyes are red and irratated. Bringing home such a pathetic sight is a sure way of getting me to bend for sure. One hundred dollars later she gets a cortisone shot for flea allergies. A 15 dollar, single, flea pill and antibiotics for her sores. Up next, 300 dollars for spaying and vaccines.

There is no such thing as a free dog, but she is cute and soooo sweet. Just gotta keep our unfixed male louisiana catahoula away from her until she gets fixed. I'm told toddler pull ups are great. That way Saint won't violate her!

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