Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Helmets save lives

Sunday afternoon my husband was in a motorcycle accident. Some blame can be attributed to the fact he's only been riding since October. He and a friend decided to take a ride Sunday since the weather was spectacular. They headed to the Florida state line. His friend lost his wallet on the ride and my husband saw it fall. They went back to retrieve it. On their way back my husband lost traction on a curve he had just taken. His rear tire hit some loose gravel and he decided to drop the bike rather than ram into a tree. He hit head first and rolled 150 yards. Florida Highway Patrol airlifted him to Pensacola. After a thorough look over he had no injuries except road rash along his waist line where his jacket met his jeans. If he didn't have his helmet he would be dead according to the E.R. I'm proud to say that my husband always wears his helmet and a big florescent orange Harley Davidson vest. Because of his safety equipment he walked away barely scathed. Now our only issue is the Harley itself. It's at a wrecker in Florida and I haven't been able to see it yet. More to follow on the bike. By the way he bought it in October...man his insurance rates will skyrocket.
If you read the previous blog I had planned to go to Pensecola to search out a poboy. This little incident is not what I had in mind, and no I did not search out a poboy while in pensecola. I might go to jazz fest. I'll come in town and buy out a french bread isle and freeze it.


E said...

A friend of mine actually was saved by his helmet recently after he was nailed in a hit and run on his scooter on Elysian Fields.

He only occasionally wore the helmet. He'd have been finished had he not worn it on that particular occasion.

dillyberto said...

God is looking out for you guys.

WOW! what a story.

That better be one hell of a good poboy.

....and ya buddy better not lose that wallet again!

Leigh C. said...

I am, so, so happy your husband is okay. I hope all of y'all keep taking safety precautions with most anything you do.